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Why You Should Be Suspicious of Lifetime Guarantees

I have been asked about “lifetime guarantees” for orthodontic treatment. The simple truth is teeth shift as we age. Things like wear of the teeth, due to chewing or nighttime grinding (bruxing), changes in muscle tone and balance, restoration of the teeth due to decay, and loss of supporting bone structure around the teeth due to periodontal aging, will cause teeth to move. Most of the time these shifts are minor and hardly noticeable.

I am aware of a few orthodontists who offer a “lifetime guarantee.” I look at this as a marketing gimmick. They tend to have many exceptions and exclusions. Ask to see a written copy of the guarantee and read the fine print. And by the way, how good is a “lifetime guarantee” if the orthodontist is now retired or living in another state?

Because of these factors, our practice does not offer a lifetime guarantee. Instead, we do offer significant discounts for any past patients who wish to perfect their more mature smiles.