Patient Testimonials

When our patients love their new smile, it’s the best reward.
  • EC_02

    "My experience with Haas Orthodontic Arts was great! Dr. Roger was always very professional and I always knew what was going on and what the next steps would be. The assistants were also very helpful, knowledgeable, and kind. Overall it was a very positive experience and the results were fantastic." -Eric Schlegel, Kent

    Eric Schlegel, Kent

  • Bryan Zalamea

    “Everyone in the office is kind and caring, and we truly believe they want the best for each patient. When I had questions, the doctors took their time with me. They never seemed in a rush. They took time to teach Bryan and keep him informed of what was happening. The doctors, their assistants, receptionists and even billing people went out of their way to make it all as easy as possible. We are thankful for their good work and Bryan’s great smile!” – Angela Zalamea, Rootstown

    “All the doctors made me feel as comfortable as possible. They always answered all my questions and took good care of me. If a friend needed an orthodontist, I would definitely tell them to go to Haas.” – Bryan Zalamea, Rootstown

    Angela Zalamea’s son Bryan had a small lower jaw that needed corrected with a night brace. He also needed braces. Before choosing Haas Orthodontic Arts, they consulted with other area orthodontists, but Bryan felt most comfortable with Haas. Two years later, Bryan, age 14, is out of braces and the Zalameas are thrilled with the results.

    Angela Zalamea, Rootstown

  • Bobbi Jo Farmer

    “Haas Orthodontics is the best – from the doctors to the entire office staff. They are professional, knowledgeable, and when you're done you smile a whole lot more!” – Bobbi Jo Farmer, Suffield

    When Bobbi Jo began losing bone in the front part of her jaw, which was causing her front teeth to become loose, her dentist referred her to Haas Orthodontic Arts to see if anything could be done. Since the problem was caused by the way she chewed, Dr. Mark suggested that by correcting her bite, they could preserve her healthy teeth. The treatment was a success and Bobbi Jo is still smiling.

    Bobbi Jo Farmer, Suffield

  • Pat Halpin

    “The number one reason I would recommend Haas is because orthodontics has been the family profession for two generations. That’s a lot of experience and knowledge in how to best treat their patients’ orthodontic needs. A nice smile is one of the first things someone notices about you. Knowing that mine was fixed properly definitely affected my self-confidence and allowed me to be more successful in both my professional and personal life.” – Patrick Halpin, Columbus

    For Patrick Halpin, choosing Haas Orthodontic Arts for treatment is a family tradition. His dad and sister, along with three of his aunts and uncles and three cousins, have all been patients. For the Halpin family, Haas Orthodontic Arts was the obvious choice due to our affordability and long-term results.

    Pat Halpin, Columbus