Orthodontic Appliances

Throughout the treatment process – before, during or after care– you may need an orthodontic appliance.
This can be in the form of a retainer, palate expander or bite splint.

Haas Orthodontic Arts in Akron/Canton, Stow, and Cuyahoga Falls are committed to providing our patients with the latest orthodontic techniques
and appliances that will improve the quality of your smile. Get more information about our orthodontic appliances below.

A great smile makes a great first impression.

At Haas Orthodontic Arts, we believe it’s never too early or too late to invest in a beautiful smile.

  • Orthodontic Bite Splint

    Orthodontic Bite Splint

    In today’s stressful world, nighttime teeth grinding (bruxing) is becoming more common, causing: Broken teeth Shortening of the front teeth caused by excessive wear Headaches Soreness in the jaw and facial muscles Many patients are unaware of nighttime teeth grinding…

  • Orthodontic Palatal Expander for Teeth

    Orthodontic Palatal Expander for Teeth

    The palatal expansion appliance custom fits to your mouth to help widen the upper teeth. Cemented to the upper side teeth, the palate expander fits comfortably to create space for crowded teeth and correct a cross bite of the back…

  • Orthodontic Retainer for Braces Treatment

    Orthodontic Retainer for Braces Treatment

    Once braces come off, an orthodontic retainer is needed to complete treatment and keep teeth in place. When teeth are moved with braces, there are forces in the mouth that will cause the teeth to drift back toward their original…