Debby Warchol

Business Administrator

Currently residing in Green, Debby has been part of the Haas family since 2008.
Debby Warchol , <br>Business Administrator


Currently residing in Green, Debby has been part of the Haas family since 2008.

Debby was born in northern Kentucky and relocated to northwestern Ohio when she was married. She and her husband relocated to the Akron area 17 years ago and now live in Green. They raised four sons, who are now grown and live all over the world. They also have five grandchildren.

While raising her sons, Debby was the children’s librarian at Rossford Schools in northwestern Ohio. She later served as salon coordinator at M.C. Hair Consultants in Cuyahoga Falls. She now ensures the smooth operation of our offices and oversees more than a dozen staff members. She helps patient families navigate the financial considerations associated with orthodontic care.

Personal Life
A devoted mother and grandmother, Debby enjoys spending time with her family. Her outside interests also include traveling and surf fishing.


“When it comes to the financial aspects of orthodontia, each family is unique. To meet their needs, I treat each family individually and encourage our staff to do the same. This ensures the entire process is as smooth as possible for every family we serve.” – Debby Warchol


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Long Term Retention

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