Haas Orthodontic Treatment
Cuyahoga Falls

Providing orthodontic care in the greater Cuyahoga Falls area for over 40 years
Cuyahoga Falls

Haas Orthodontic Arts in Cuyahoga Falls is located off of Portage Trail, just down the street from the new Portage Crossings near State Road. We proudly serve multi-generation families in Cuyahoga Falls, North Akron, Peninsula, and other surrounding communities. We give our patients close and easy access to our family owned practice so you don’t have to go far to get the best orthodontic treatment possible.

Exceptional orthodontic treatment

With over 40 years of experience, our Cuyahoga Falls orthodontics office is committed to helping you invest in a smile that will last a lifetime. We offer bite splints for individuals who grind their teeth, palate expanders to widen the upper teeth and retainers for help prevent relapse after braces. No matter what kind of appliance or orthodontic services you need, our Cuyahoga Falls office will deliver exceptional care and an investment you can be proud of.

We are currently accepting new patients for orthodontic treatment in Cuyahoga Falls and would love to provide you with a consultation on how we can improve your smile and confidence.

Cuyahoga Falls Office
1234 Portage Trail
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 44223
Phone: (330) 929-3077
Fax: (330) 929-0963

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